The following papers have been submitted to academic journals for peer review and their preprints are available here:

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  • Bodner K, Knight J, Hamilton M, Mishra S. (2022). Higher contact among vaccinated can be a mechanism for negative vaccine effectiveness. [Preprint available].
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  • Witteman H, Peters G, Vujovich-Dunn C, Ouertani A, Mishra S. (2021). Nothing about us without us: Canadian vaccine decision-making must involve disabled people. [Preprint available].
  • Brown K, Joh E, Buchan S, Daneman N, Mishra S, Patel S, Day T. (2021). Inflection in prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 infections missing the N501Y mutation as a marker of rapid Delta (B.1.617.2) lineage expansion in Ontario, Canada. [Preprint available].
  • Nam A, Ximenes R, Yeung MW, Mishra S, Wu J, Tunis M, Sander B. (2021). Modelling the impact of extending dose intervals for COVID-19 vaccines in Canada. [Preprint available]
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  • Landsman D, Ma H, Knight J, Gough K, Mishra S. (2020). A flexible integer linear programming formulation for scheduling clinician on-call service in hospitals. doi: arXiv:1910.08526. [Preprint available].