The following papers have been submitted to academic journals for peer review and their preprints are available here:

  • Knight J, Ma H, Ghasemi A, Hamilton M, Brown K, Mishra S. (2021). Adaptive data-driven age and patch mixing in contact networks with recurrent mobility. [Preprint available].
  • Chaudhuri S,  Kasibhatla P, Mukherjee A, Pan W, Morrison G, Mishra S, Murty V. (2021). Analysis of overdispersion in airborne transmission of Covid-19. [Preprint available].
  • Xia Y, Ma H, Moloney G, García HAV, Sirski M, Janjua N, Vickers D, Williamson T, Katz A, Yu K, Kustra R, Buckeridge D, Brisson M, Baral S, Mishra S, Maheu-Giroux M. (2021). Geographical concentration of COVID-19 cases by social determinants of health in 16 large metropolitan areas in Canada – a cross-sectional study. [Preprint available].
  • Brown K, Joh E, Buchan S, Daneman N, Mishra S, Patel S, Day T. (2021). Inflection in prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 infections missing the N501Y mutation as a marker of rapid Delta (B.1.617.2) lineage expansion in Ontario, Canada. [Preprint available].
  • Wang L, Dowdy D, Comins C, Young K, Mcingana M, Muluba N, Mhlophe H, Chen C, Hausler H, Schwartz S, Baral S, Mishra S. (2021). Health-related quality of life of female sex workers living with HIV in South Africa. [Preprint available].
  • Nam A, Ximenes R, Yeung MW, Mishra S, Wu J, Tunis M, Sander B. (2021). Modelling the impact of extending dose intervals for COVID-19 vaccines in Canada. [Preprint available]
  • Knight J, Kaul R, Mishra S. (2021). Risk heterogeneity in compartmental HIV transmission models of ART as prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa: A scoping review. [Preprint available].
  • Baral S, Rao A, Twahirwa Rwema JO, Lyons C, Cevik M, Kågesten AE, Diouf D, Sohn AH, Phaswana-Mafuya R, Kamarulzaman A, Millett M, Marcus JL, Mishra S. (2021). Competing Health Risks Associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic and Response: A Scoping Review. [Preprint available].