COVID-19 healthcare surge planning

Our team is working on a COVID-19 Healthcare Surge Planning Project for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

To prioritize for a population-specific response, we are trying to predict:
1. Who might get infected;
2. Where will the next infections occur; and
3. When will the next infections occur

1. Where are the geographic hotspots of infection (i.e., where and when will the next 100 infections occur)?
2. Where are the geographic hotspots of severity (i.e., which hospital will need to admit the next 100 patients, and when)?

Our first manuscript for this project is available on our GitHub repository and it is also available as a preprint on medRxiv.

Other project links:
GitHub repository – see the latest reports, papers, and codes for our project.

Shiny App – set parameter values to generate different modelling outputs and sensitivity analyses using our model.

Funding acknowledgment:
This project is supported by the St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation Research Innovation Council (2020 COVID-19 Centred Research Investment Meeting).

Visit our GitHub repositories for our other COVID-19-related projects: