COVID-19 research

Our team is working on COVID-19 epidemiology and transmission modeling projects:

We began with supporting local hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area with estimating potential surge in health-care needs in April-May and methodological considerations when estimating the reproductive number for infections like COVID-19 with pre-symptomatic transmission.

Our work has grown into a series of integrated projects and research questions the center on heterogeneity in acquisition, onward transmission, and severity across people, places, and time.

  1. Understanding and responding to the COVID-19 epidemic in the Greater Toronto Area with place- and population-specific interventions
  2. Evaluating the differential impact of what we have done, as we prioritize what to do next: a multi-provincial intervention modeling study using population-based data
  3. Modeling SARS-CoV-2 transmission and impact of interventions among persons experiencing homelessness (as part of the COVENANT study)

Our work contributes to the local and provincial response through the COVID-19 Science Table for the Ontario Ministry of Health.

The research is supported by:

  • St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation Research Innovation Council (2020 COVID-19 Centred Research Investment Meeting)
  • MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions
  • Ontario Ministry of Science and Innovation Early Researcher Award
  • St. Michael’s Hospital Department of Medicine, University of Toronto
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (Operating and Supplement Grant: COVID-19 Rapid Research Funding Opportunity and Foundation Grant)