Kristy Yiu

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Kristy is the lab research coordinator and joined the team in January 2019 as a fresh Masters of Global Health (Globalization and Development specialization) graduate from McMaster University. Her interest in global health was cultivated through working on her undergraduate thesis project, which examined the network of partnerships in a novel health coalition in Dominican Republic. She has participated in various global health research projects throughout her academic career, including a research internship in Cape Town, South Africa, an academic symposium in Manipal, India, and her Masters practicum in Horton, Norway.

As the research coordinator, Kristy adopts both a research role and a project management role on the team. She is currently leading a study within the Transitions project examining delays in access and contact with HIV prevention program among young women who sell sex work in Mombasa, Kenya. The empiric estimates generated by her project – on person-time of risk prior to program contact, and determinants of delays – will be used to structure and parameterize HIV transmission models. She is applying her Global Health and Development training to support a new community-based initiative by Isthar MSM. The initiative will center on capacity building and community co-designed HIV transmission modeling and intervention impact among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men in Kenya, drawing largely on community-based programmatic data. In between working on various projects with students and other team members, she also deals with the day-to-day matters around the lab.

Kristy has participated as a co-author on these team papers: