Elizabeth Roberts

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Elizabeth is currently studying in the Honors BSc in Global Health and Immunology program at University of Toronto. She is interested in studying the impact of social, political, and economic factors on access to healthcare. Elizabeth worked on the Transitions project during her Keenan Research Summer Studentship (2018) with the Mishra Lab, followed by a junior epidemiologist role through the University of Toronto work-study program (2018-2019). Elizabeth conducted a descriptive study using secondary data to examine the prevalence of sexual, structural, and reproductive vulnerabilities among young sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya, and how vulnerabilities varied by access and uptake of local health care programs designed to reach and serve sex workers. After graduation, she plans on continuing her consulting work at a global management consulting firm. Her lab experience solidified that population health could be greatly impacted by addressing the social, political and economic factors which limit access to care. Elizabeth’s project with the lab includes the following publication which is currently in preprint: