Dr. Nazanin Esmaili

Dr. Nazanin Esmaili (CIHR-NIH Post-Doctoral Fellow) LinkedIn Research Gate
Nazanin joined the lab in November 2019 and is a CIHR-NIH Post-Doctoral Fellow in Mathematical Modeling. She is conducting her fellowship at the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital of Unity Health Toronto in close collaboration with Johns Hopkins University. Nazanin holds a PhD and MSc in Operations Research from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA and a BSc in Industrial Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology. She was previously a postdoc at Northeastern University as well as data scientist at Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre.

Nazanin’s multidisciplinary research is inspired by data-driven health applications of advanced data analytics including mathematical modeling, optimization, machine learning and natural language processing. She is interested in developing and applying data science methodologies to address challenging problems in various healthcare domains such as medical decision making, precision medicine, predictive health analytics, disease progression, and healthcare operations. Nazanin’s research has been published in PLOS One, Naval Research Logistics, Operations Research for Healthcare, Neurosurgical Review and World Neurosurgery.

As a part of Nazanin’s fellowship, she is leading mathematical modeling studies and economic evaluation of the NIH-supported Siyambapilli trial in South Africa. The trial is evaluating the implementation of decentralized versus intensive case-management strategies, as compared with maintaining standard of care, to achieve sustained viral suppression among marginalized women living with HIV. Nazanin is developing a new semi-Markov  micro-simulation model and identifying optimal intervention strategies across gradients of intervention intensities deployed via a sequential multi-component adaptive trial design. The findings of her research could be used to inform the implementation of and scale-up of HIV treatment services in South Africa.