Discussing COVID-19 epidemiology & modeling with Raw Talk Live!

Sharmistha and Linwei recently went on Raw Talk Podcast to discuss COVID-19 epidemiology and modelling as a part of the podcast’s virtual live series titled COVID-19 Decoded.

From June 25, 2020 to August 6, 2020, COVID-19 Decoded featured different aspects of COVID-19 research and insights on the impact that the pandemic has had and will have on various aspects of our lives.

Raw Talk is a podcast run by graduate students from the University of Toronto and they produce podcast episodes detailing the journeys, experiences, and perspectives of medical researchers and professionals.

This isn’t the first time our lab’s research has been featured on Raw Talk Live – you can also check out Sharmistha and Steven Tingley’s past Raw Talk podcast on Mathematical Magic and STIs.



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